Sunday, 2 June 2013

Swanage Bay to Torquay......

I was up at 4.30, before the sun, put on the kettle ready for my morning coffee to wake me up and whilst it boiled I got Brown Eyes ready for the off.  Another long-day planned, I was hoping to get to Torquay over 60 nautical miles away and I needed to make the most of the the favourable tide to get me there at a reasonable time.
Just before 5 o’clock I was pulling up the anchor and the sun popped up above the horizon. A lovely start to the day.

There was little wind, but I put up the mainsail straight away, if nothing else it steadies the boat when motoring.  
Speed over ground 10.3Kts!! (without the engine)
Swanage was drenched in the morning sunlight so I grabbed my camera to capture the moment.
Swanage Bay in the early morning sun
As I rounded Anvil Point the wind lifted and for the next 5 hours or so I could sail and enjoy the peace.  There were very few other people out on the water, just a few distant sails and the odd fishing boat collecting or laying lobster pots.
Lighthouse of the day - Bill of Portland
Being single-handed means everything takes a little bit more planning and I have to do things in stages.  I did try filling a flask the first day, but it didn’t hold the heat, so now I go below after making sure there is no other boat within 5 minutes of my position and put the kettle on the gas ready for a fresh brew.  The same goes for admin breaks and making snacks to get me through the day.  This seems to work well and also keeps me busy.
At the helm of Brown Eyes
Crossing Lyme Bay was the longest leg of the day and about half way across the wind dropped and the sea became a millpond, so it was engine back on for a couple of hours.
A fisherman obviously off to a party......
Dead calm.
I phoned ahead to Torquay Marina to ensure there was a berth for us and just after 4 I was safely alongside. As I stepped off Brown Eyes, I realised that it was the first time I had been off her since Brighton!  We did 66 miles today and that gives us a running total of 299 nautical miles!

Today's route.
A day off tomorrow - I need some sleep!

The view from the anchorage at Swanage.

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